Beginning in 1912, the pastor and those worshiping at Second Lutheran Church in Springfield, began to investigate the possible need for  worshiping community in the southeast quadrant of the city.  By late 1913, the need was obvious, and preparations began for an outreach ministry in the neighborhood that now surrounds Trinity Lutheran Church.  By 1914, an outreach Sunday school program was quickly developing into a worshiping community at Belmont and Sunset Avenues.


That all began over 100 years ago!  Today, Trinity Lutheran Church with its parabolic arch design, has become not only a worshiping community, but a landmark for all who live in this part of Springfield.  When asked where their church is located, a member will answer, "on Sunset Avenue" while drawing an arch in the air, indicating the shape of the building.  People know the church being described by the gesture.  The current building was constructed in the 1960s to replace the original church structure, which had grown too small for the congregation. 


During its 100-year history, Trinity has been the spiritual home to hundreds of people in the Springfield area.  At one point, the majority of Trinity's membership lived in the immediate area.  Over time, as families grew and expanded, many members moved to other parts of the city.  Today, members of Trinity come from all parts of the city and the surrounding area.


Trinity has been served by seven pastors in its 100 years.  Our church as served as home for civic meetings, small groups, and scouts.  At times, it has been a place for games and recreation for members of the community.  Trinity helps provide food, clothing, and other resources to those in need in the area of Springfield and beyond. 


In 2012, members decided to invest their God-given gifts and talents back into our immediate neighborhood.  That decision begins a concerted effort to reestablish Trinity Lutheran Church as a congregation made up of people who live in the immediate area of the church.